Using the best available evidence to improve health & wellbeing in Lewisham

This website is a shared online information resource for everyone who commissions, provides or uses health, social or children's services in Lewisham. It also provides the evidence base for Lewisham's Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

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Using JSNA evidence to set priorities for health & wellbeing in Lewisham

Based on the evidence produced by our JSNA process, Lewisham's Health & Wellbeing Board has identified nine priority health & wellbeing outcomes it wants to achieve in the next ten years.

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A vision of health & wellbeing in Lewisham by 2022

Lewisham's Health & Wellbeing Board, chaired by the Mayor, published a strategy for Health & Wellbeing in September 2013. Based on the JSNA evidence the board has identified nine priority outcomes for health & wellbeing in Lewisham.

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Read an overview of the JSNA evidence for each priority outcome

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Lewisham Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 2018 (PNA)

Every Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) in England has a statutory responsibility to publish and keep up to date a statement of the needs for pharmaceutical services of the population in its area, referred to as a pharmaceutical needs assessment (PNA).

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