Live births to Lewisham residents have risen annually in the last few years, and this is expected to continue, though at a slower rate. The following table shows the live births registered[1] and the annual figures to 2018 as estimated by the Greater London Authority[2].

Between April 2008 and March 2009 there were 4744 NHS delivery episodes for women resident in Lewisham3. Around 46% of births were to women from black and minority ethnic groups, and the ethnicity of a further 15% is not known.  5% of deliveries were to women aged under 20, and 6% were to women aged over 40. At the time of writing more recent data is not available, but data is available on babies born4.

Between April 2011 and March 2012 the majority of babies born to Lewisham women were born in University Hospital Lewisham (UHL), but there is clear effect of proximity on choice of provider hospital. Women who live in North Lewisham (Brockley, Evelyn, New Cross and Telegraph Hill wards) tended to choose St Thomas’s Hospital, and a large proportion of women from Crofton Park, Forest Hill, Perry Vale, Telegraph Hill and Sydenham gave birth at King’s College Hospital (KCH). A smaller number of women, mostly from South Lewisham (Downham, Bellingham, Grove Park, and Whitefoot wards) and Blackheath gave birth at South London Hospitals.

The following chart shows how the percentage of each ward’s births were made up.



[1]From Office of National Statistics

[2]GLA Round 2012 standard fertility projections

[3]Source: Lewisham Secondary User Service (SUS) database

[4]Source: ONS Public Health Birth Files




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