The number of registered deaths of Lewisham residents fluctuates from year to year, and but there has been a steady reduction in the last few years. The following table shows the registered deaths recorded in the Primary Care Mortality Database5 and the annual figures to 2015 as estimated by the Greater London Authority6.





The main underlying causes of death in Lewisham are cancer, circulatory diseases, and respiratory diseases. The following charts illustrate the breakdown of causes of death in calendar year September 2011 to August 2012, the most recent 12 months period for which full data is available at the time of writing, first by broad category of cause, and second with a more detailed breakdown.




Until 2011 circulatory diseases were the largest contributor, but in 2011 these fell below the number of cancer deaths for the first time. This appears to be partly a result of fall in deaths from circulatory disease themselves, continuing an underlying trend, and an anomalously high number of deaths from cancer in 2011. The following chart shows the number of deaths from 2005 to 2011 by underlying cause.





Deaths from underlying dementia more than doubled in 2011, and continued to rise in the part of 2012 for which data is available. It is not clear whether this is a genuine change, a matter of natural variation, or related to changes in clinically coding causes of death.




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  2. GLA Round 2012 Standard Fertility Projections





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