Adults with Learning Disabilities: Targets

The main targets related to physical health needs among people with learning disabilities relate to the provision of health checks. There are not yet formal quantitative outcome targets. PCTs are required to offer GP practices in their area the opportunity to provide health checks for people with learning disabilities as part of a Directed Enhanced Service (DES) scheme. The DES was originally agreed for two years (2008-9 and 2009-10) and has been extended for at least another year (2010-11). DES specifications for health checks required that they were:

  • undertaken by a provider with appropriate training
  • based on a local protocol that included:
    • review of physical and mental health with referral through the usual practice routes if health problems are identified
    • health promotion
    • review of chronic illness
    • physical examination
    • review of epilepsy
    • review of behaviour and mental health
    • check on the accuracy of prescribed medications
    • review of co-ordination arrangements with secondary care
    • review of transition arrangements where appropriate






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