Cancer Prevention, Screening and Treatment: Facts and Figures

Main Causes of Death
The three main causes of death in Lewisham in 2008-2009 were circulatory diseases (33%), cancers (26%) and respiratory diseases (15%). This is similar to the main causes of death nationally. The total number of deaths from cancer in Lewisham in 2008-09 was 469. Lung cancer is the main cause of cancer deaths in Lewisham.



Table 1: Deaths from cancer type 2008-09

Source: PH Mortality Files

Directly standardised rates of incidence of cancer for males in Lewisham is significantly higher than those for London and England. Rates for females in Lewisham are lower than England but not for London. The differences are not statistically significant. For persons rates are higher than those for London and England but only significantly higher than London.

Table 2: Incidence of all cancers (ICD10 C00-C99 ex C44) All ages, per 100,000 pop (2004-06)

Source: NHS IC Indicator Portal


Lewisham has a lower recorded prevalence of cancer on GP registers than that of England and London.

Table 3: Number of patients and percent of patients on GP cancer registers, England, London and Lewisham 2008/09

Source: NHS Information Centre




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