Cancer Prevention, Screening and Treatment: National and Local Strategies

The Cancer Reform Strategy, published in 2007, builds on the progress made since the publication of Cancer Plan (2000) and strives to close the gap in cancer outcomes between the UK and the rest of Western Europe. The key aims are to:

  • Prevent cancer by tackling the lifestyle factors that increase the risk of developing the disease.
  • Diagnose cancer earlier by increasing coverage of cancer screening and increasing awareness of cancer symptoms.
  • Ensure that patients have access to high quality cancer care.
  • Support and empowering patients through their ‘cancer journey’
  • Reduce inequalities in cancer incidence, mortality and access to care.
  • Bring cancer care closer to home where appropriate.

Healthcare for London: A Framework for Action was published in July 2007. Led by Professor Lord Darzi it made a compelling case for change in health and healthcare services across London. To support the implementation of this policy in cancer services a “Case for Change” was published in March 2010 which provided a set of arguments for the need to improve cancer services in London. This has been followed by the publication of a Model of Care for London cancer services. The South East London Cancer Network has developed its strategic vision covering all aspects of cancer services- prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment (surgery, radiotherapy and systemic therapy) and supportive palliative care which has been published is Collaborative Commissioning Initiatives 2008-09 to 2010-013. NHS Lewisham’s Commissioning Strategy Plan (2009-2015) “Improving Health and Well-being” has Reducing Premature Mortality from Cancer as one of its seven strategic goals.






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