Dementia: National and Local Strategies

In August 2007, the previous Government announced a programme to develop the first National Dementia Strategy and implementation plan for England. Following public consultation publication of the National Dementia Strategy 2009 ‘Living Well with Dementia’ was released. The Strategy outlines three key steps to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers:

  1. Improved awareness
  2. Earlier diagnosis and intervention
  3. A higher quality of care

The Strategy also identifies 17 key objectives (see figure 3) which, when implemented at a local level, should result in significant improvements in the quality of services provided to people with dementia and should promote a greater understanding of the causes and consequences of dementia.

Figure 3 Dementia Strategy 17 National objectives, 2009

In order to meet the 17 key objectives the Lewisham dementia services are being redesigned and new services commissioned to meet gaps in current provision.




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