Dementia: Targets

Diagnosis of dementia, and review of diagnosed cases, are Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) indicators for General Practices. Across London a total of 83% of people with dementia on GP registers, who were eligible to be reviewed by the primary care practice, were reviewed over 15 months to 2007/08. In Lewisham 80% of eligible patients were reviewed when exceptions are excluded. Recent analysis has shown that the Lewisham figure has risen slightly and more clients are being reviewed. For 2011/12 key performance indicators (KPIs) have been agreed for Lewisham GP practices in relation to the dementia. Along with improving the recording of dementia in primary care there are 2 other indicators linked to the prevalence of dementia in the practice. These are the; the number of patients with dementia whose care has been reviewed in the previous 15 months and the number of patients with dementia who have a care plan in place. These KPIs will be benchmarked against other Lewisham practices and where they fall short remedial action plans will need to be implemented.









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