Dementia: Trends

Hospital admission data shows that there is no real trend in the small number of patients admitted with a primary diagnosis of dementia. However, when patients with an underlying or primary diagnosis of dementia are included there has been a small year on year increase in the number of admissions for patients with dementia over the 4 years up to 2008/09 when the number dropped slightly in 2009/10. This may be a reflection of the overall increase in admissions over the same time period. Most of these patients will be admitted for other reasons such as falls, fractures or other medical conditions. These figures are likely to underestimate the number of patients with dementia admitted to hospital as the diagnosis may not be appropriately recorded and coded where it is not the main reason for the admission.

Figure 1 Number of patients admitted with primary or underlying diagnosis of dementia 2005/06- 2009/10

Lewisham has a stable older adult population with dementia up until 2021. This consists of an estimated 1,781 people with dementia in 2007 and 1,657 people in 2021. In Lewisham there will be an increase of BME elders requiring dementia services. The general rise of 33.3% in the Lewisham BME population over 20 years implies an additional 350 additional BME clients will require dementia services. Estimates suggest that approximately 580 BME clients will require dementia services by 2021




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