Dementia: What are the key gaps in knowledge/services?

It is likely that the number of people with dementia known to services is an underestimate of the total need in Lewisham. In particular, those with mild or moderate dementia are less likely to be known to services yet as they may not meet thresholds for services. Improving the GP dementia registers will help identify more people with dementia which will enable them to access services earlier. In addition to this public information campaigns in relation to dementia are being run locally and nationally to encourage people to come forward for help if they or someone they care for has symptoms of dementia. Several service gaps have been highlighted through stakeholder consultation and through the Dementia strategy. These are summarised in Table 3 with the relevant Dementia Strategy Objective and the local commissioning response.

Table 3 Identified gaps in dementia care services, links to meet all the National Dementia Strategy objectives and the local commissioning response







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