Mental Health

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Key points

  1. Prevalence of mental illness is high in Lewisham. Factors such deprivation, a diverse population and being an inner city location all contribute to the high levels of poor mental health. Severe Mental illness (SMI) describes a range of disorders characterised by psychosis where individuals become apparently detached from reality. These include schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. About half of these are managed in primary care, with additional support for the remainder available via acute community and in-patient services. Around 1.1% of the population registered with GPs has a severe mental illness.
  2. Common mental disorders affect up to a third of the population over their lifetime. These conditions include anxiety/depression, sleep disorders and phobias. Individuals experiencing these conditions may receive care or treatment including medication or talking therapies usually through a GP or psychologist. Many do not seek help at all. In Lewisham approximately 20% of 16-74 year olds are thought to suffer at any one time, totalling over 36 000 people annually.