Alcohol (Overview): Local views

  • 72% of Londoners are worried about the impact alcohol is having on their communities and 51% think that given more power over local licensing would improve things for their community22


  • Street drinkers continue to be identifed as a problem by some Lewisham residents23
  • Different sites for treatment and recovery services, to reduce anxieties of service users community, family members and other service users
  • The change in service provider and names of services confusing for some people
  • Increase the number of group meetings per week available to service users attending the dependant drinkers group to provide added support


  • Increase the speed of access to detoxification services and links with rehabilitation services
  • Recovering drinkers should not be placed back in wet hostel accommodation
  • Information on services and referral pathways be made more readily available to GPs and other agencies




  1. London Health Improvement Board November 2011
  2. Lewisham DAAT





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