Immunisations: Targets and Performance

Supporting Information

Lewisham’s performance (see facts and figures) in uptake of key routine childhood vaccines demonstrates that:

  • Over the past four years, Lewisham has seen a broadly sustained upward trend in the proportion of children immunised at all ages.
  • Uptake of the third dose of diphtheria vaccine (D3) at one and two years of age has reached target but not in the two most recent quarters (Q1 and Q2 2011/2012).
  • Uptake of the first dose of MMR (MMR1) at two years of age has improved, but considerable progress is still required to achieve the 95% uptake identified by WHO as necessary to avoid outbreaks of measles. Over the last eighteen months progress on the uptake of this vaccine has slowed down considerably.
  • Uptake of MMR1 at five years has also improved, but is also short of the WHO target and has decreased recently.
  • Uptake of MMR2 and of the Pre-School Booster, as measured by uptake of the fourth dose of Diptheria vaccine(D4), is below 70% and, along with uptake of MMR1, remains the greatest challenge







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