Tobacco Control (Overview): Local views

  • Nearly two thirds of smokers said they would like to give up in 2009. The proportion wanting to give up has decreased from 72 per cent in 2000 to 63 per cent in 2009.24
  • Year 8 peer educators question why this product is legal when they learn about the tobacco industry’s marketing to young people to recruit replacement smokers.
  • The Young Mayor’s advisors say that we need to think of different ways to present the tobacco agenda: Young people are influenced by other young people and people they look up to e.g. footballers and athletes. Young children influence adults. We have to combat smoking as ‘cool’.
  • The majority agree with the smoking ban.
  • The majority of smokers want to stop and don’t want their children to smoke.




  1. Smoking and drinking among adults, 2009, Office for National Statistics as part of the General Lifestyle Survey





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