Tobacco Control (Overview): What works?

  • The Smokefree legislation of 2007 changed social norms of smoking.
  • Reduce uptake of smoking among young people
  • Peer support
  • Point-of-sales measures; price and regulation policies;
  • A comprehensive tobacco control strategy is the only way to reduce take up of smoking by young people: mass media; education programmes; cessation support services; community programmes; reducing the number of parents who smoke and who smoke in the home22
  • Smokers are 4 times more likely to quit with help from a Stop Smoking Service.
  • Smoking initiation is associated with a wide range of risk factors including: parental and sibling smoking, the ease of obtaining cigarettes, smoking by friends and peer group members, socio-economic status, exposure to tobacco marketing, and depictions of smoking in films, television and other media23




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