How to use this website

This website has been arranged into the following sections:

  • Home
    A slideshow that includes:

    • a brief description of the JNSA process with respective links to a more comprehensive description of this process and how to use the website
    • Lewisham's 9 priority health & wellbeing outcomes including a link to an overview of each outcome that links to the corresponding topic summary
    • a 10 year health & wellbeing strategy including a link to an outline of this strategy
    • a link to Lewisham's Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment
    • a summary of Lewisham's public health information portal including a link to it


  • A Picture of Lewisham
    A description of Lewisham's population in terms of the key health and socio-demographic characteristics, including mortality, morbidity, ethnicity and inequalities
  • Overview of JSNA Evidence
    Lewisham's 9 priority health & wellbeing outcomes with links to the corresponding topic summaries
  • A Profile of Lewisham
    This section contains demographic social and environmental information about the population of Lewisham, where possible projections have also been provided.
  • Recent Topic Assessment Summaries

           A 1 page summary of the most recent JSNA topics, presented as a PDF

  • A to Z

This section lists all JSNA topics, Audits, Health and Wellbeing Strategies and Delivery Plans, Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments and Annual Public Health Reports


  • Public Health Information Portal
    This opens as a separate web page that displays the most current data relevant to the selected topic. Please note that the portal's data may be more up-to-date and therefore not consistent with the JSNA topic narrative

Other useful links

  • Contact Us
  • Help - this section contains links to a JSNA Resource Pack, External Links for related sources of information, a Glossary to explain the technical terms used on this site and an Abbreviations list