How to use this website

This website has been arranged into the following sections:

  • Home
    A slideshow that includes:
    • a brief description of the JNSA process with respective links to a more comprehensive description of this process and how to use the website
    • Lewisham's 9 priority health & wellbeing outcomes including a link to an overview of each outcome that links to the corresponding topic summary
    • a health & wellbeing strategy for 2012 including a link to an outline of this strategy
    • a summary of Lewisham's public health information portal including a link to it
  • About
    Monthly Google Analytics statistics for site visits by Town/City and by Country
  • Overview of JSNA Evidence
    Lewisham's 9 priority health & wellbeing outcomes with links to the corresponding topic summaries
  • A Profile of Lewisham
    This section contains demographic social and environmental information about the population of Lewisham, where possible projections have also been provided.

The remaining JSNA sections are as follows:

  • Adults
  • Children & Young People
  • Health Inequalities
  • Lifestyle

Within each section there are a number of subject areas. These subjects can also be accessed directly from the homepage via the A to Z list. Each topic area has been arranged into two sections

  • What do we know?
  • What is this telling us?

Under each section there are a series of pages that can be accessed by clicking on either the menu tabs across the top of the page or the expandable Quick Links menu. To navigate around the site you can either:

  • Use the menu tabs on the grey bar
  • Use the Quick Links menu
  • Use the Home> crumb trail in the blue bar above the JSNA header.

The box entitled Supporting Information at the top right hand side of the content page contains the following:

  • Topic summary:
    This links to a PDF version of the topic summary
  • Data and trends
    This will link you to an excel spread sheet of the core data set which supports the topic summary
  • Supporting documents
    This section contains supporting strategies, plans and links to other supporting documents.
  • Public Health Information Portal
    This opens as a separate web page that displays the most current data relevant to the selected topic. Please note that the portal's data may be more up-to-date and therefore not consistent with the JSNA topic narrative

Other useful links

  • A to Z
  • External Links
  • Glossary



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