Tobacco Control: Targets

There are two targets, one which is set out nationally for smoking prevalence and one which is set locally for stop smoking services.

The Tobacco Control for England strategy 2011 sets out clear goals to decrease smoking prevalence from 21% to 18.5% by 2015, to decrease smoking amongst 15yr olds from 15% to 12%, and in pregnant women from 14% to 11% by 2015.

Local targets are set for achieving four week quits set by the Department of Health. A quit is defined as someone who has stopped smoking for four weeks from an agreed quit date, with not a single puff in weeks three and four of the quit attempt. This should be confirmed by carbon monoxide testing. The quit is supported by a stop smoking advisor trained to the standard set by the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training. The Client’s data is entered onto a database, and the date they wish to stop is recorded. The outcome measure is the smoking status at four week follow up. Clients are followed up for longer than this, but data is not always recorded. The target for Lewisham Stop Smoking Service for 2011/12 is 1728 quits or 815 per 100,000 of the adult population.




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